Name of PI Title of project Project No. / Date of start Amount sanctioned (Rs. Lakhs) Funding Agency
Dr. Usha K Aravind Layer by Layer (LbL)assisted antimicrobial membranes for water purification (2 years). SPARC/2018- 2019/P1291/SL 44.59 lac SPARC (MHRD)
Dr. Usha K Aravind Towards sustainable surface water ecosystems in India: Predicting the fate, transport and effects of urban waste water pollutants in rivers SPARC/2018- 2019/P1461/SL 48.49 lac SPARC (MHRD)
Dr. Usha K Aravind Establishment of Centre for Sensors (consortium project, Joint PI) 148/A2/2020/P&EAD 247 lac Govt of Kerala
Dr. Ratheesh kumar CS Organic geochemical characterisation of Ashtamudi Ramsar wetland: A biomarker approach CRG/2021/005772 27 lac DST
Dr. Usha K Aravind Nano skinned coir matrix for the removal of biological contaminants from water DST/TM/WTI/2 K16/224(C) 31.09 lac DST
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