Name of PI Title of project Project No. / Date of start Amount sanctioned (Rs. Lakhs) Funding Agency
Dr. Usha K Aravind Layer by Layer (LbL)assisted antimicrobial membranes for water purification (2 years). SPARC/2018- 2019/P1291/SL 44.59 lac SPARC (MHRD)
Dr. Usha K Aravind Towards sustainable surface water ecosystems in India: Predicting the fate, transport and effects of urban waste water pollutants in rivers SPARC/2018- 2019/P1461/SL 48.49 lac SPARC (MHRD)
Dr. Usha K Aravind Establishment of Centre for Sensors (consortium project, Joint PI) 148/A2/2020/P&EAD 247 lac Govt of Kerala
Dr. Ratheesh kumar CS Organic geochemical characterisation of Ashtamudi Ramsar wetland: A biomarker approach CRG/2021/005772 27 lac DST
Dr. Krishna Mohan KS The impacts of climate change on the genesis and intensification of the North Indian Ocean low pressure systems February 2023 15.82 lac KSCSTE
Dr. Usha K Aravind CO2-selective membrane creation using hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers for the recovery of methane as an energy carrier from biogas July 2023 47 lakhs SPARC-MHRD
Dr. Usha K Aravind Nano skinned coir matrix for the removal of biological contaminants from water DST/TM/WTI/2 K16/224(C) 31.09 lac DST
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