Every academic entity has a role to play in ensuring the well-being of the citizens. The school of environmental studies is established to serve this cause by emanating knowledge, and by providing trained manpower and appropriate technology for sustainable development.

Future Vision

Learning, research and innovation to address global environmental issues, pertaining to the safe and healthy living condition of human beings and living creatures, maintaining natural environment in a humane perspective through curriculum design, academia and research pursuits form the basic structure of the future vision of our School of Environmental Studies.

Institution-Industry joint research and innovation initiatives to better economic development of all, is the focal point of academic programmes designed. Environmental Science and Technology as a mission and passion for economic engineering of Society, through sustainable and statutorily assured means, for better living, protecting the essentials ecological systems and nature. We like to achieve this mission through: - Offering PG programmes in M.Sc. Environmental Science and Technology, M.Sc. Ecology and M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (Specializing in Environmental Analytics and Industrial Methods of Analysis).PhD in areas related to Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology mostly industry related or real-time environmental issues related to industry.

Extension services: Drinking water analysis and instrumental analytical support for industries, court and public. To support the Government in various levels for framing environmental policies and addressing such issues faced by Kerala from time to time.To establish the School as a renowned centre for Waste Reduction and Management Studies to support Government, Industry and Public and start courses on that.To establish the School as a renowned Centre for Drinking water research and riverine system studies , to dedicate ourselves to the need of protecting rivers , the lifeline for potable water for realising a stable society.To emerge as a unique institution focused on the study of climate sciences, in view of the disasters, both manmade and natural, and interconnection of different perspectives of abatement and identifying the significance of natural environment as a capital.

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