Research Area


Municipal Solid Waste Management

Thrust area of research is in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management and with the development of appropriate reactor systems for the conversion of organic wastes into manure to be used at households, hotels, apartment’s and community level. Appropriate sustainable reactors have been developed and at present negotiating for technology transfer and commercial production, so as to solve the present day ordeal in MSW sector in Kerala. 2. Initiations have been done in putting forward a scientific approach towards solving the solid waste management problems faced by the university, there-by to uplift CUSAT as one among the pioneer universities in the country to be an environment friendly campus, in all respect. 3. Waste management using pyrolysis technology 4. Indoor air pollution mitigation 5. Water resources management PLAN: Waste Management in CUSAT campus To install and exhibit various waste treatment working models developed in-house and purchased from outside in a permanent location so that it serves for the treatment of solid wastes generated in-side the campus at the same time the installations will be demonstrated to the CUSAT community and general public to make an awareness about various technological solutions available for the sustainable management of solid wastes in today’s scenario. keeping this as the role model, the technology package can be transferred to other localities/places to serve a larger population of the society. The vision plan is towards that endeavor. The broad vision is to develop a Total Waste Treatment Technology Park which will showcase the latest technologies available for the management of solid and liquid wastes in working condition for the benefit of academic community especially school children to inculcate the knowledge of Environmental Science and Technology. OBJECTIVE: Development of an integrated waste management system theme park in-side the CUSAT campus which includes Infrastructure, logistics and man power Installation of working models various waste management equipment’s and processes. The models will be developed in-house as well purchased as whole unit from third parties Total waste management inside the campus will be done at the newly developed site with the participation of entire CUSAT community. DRS PHASEII has been sanctioned in August, 2014 for Rs 135 Lakh for the period [2015- 2020] for the program Treatment of water and wastewater using Specially Modified Nano Material incorporated Activated Carbons. In the capacity as deputy coordinator the research work is in progress and by the end of 2020 hope we will come out with zero discharge technology and then we are aiming to grab the third phase so as to declare our department as a nodal center for zero effluent/discharge technologies.

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