Research Area


Molecular ecotoxicology

Ecotoxicology is a multidisciplinary science that integrates environmental chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, ecology, and biodiversity. The coalescing of ecotoxicological research with molecular techniques helps evaluate the potential harmfulness of pollutants/toxins at cellular and molecular level in whole-organism or in vitro systems. Unraveling specific biomarkers in whole-organism or in vitro systems can be applied as early warning systems to protect an ecosystem. Our research focuses to link the effects of pollutants/toxins that initiate various effects ranging from cellular dysfunctions to lethality by evaluating biochemical, immunological, and molecular functioning of the organism and provide ways to assess/predict the impact of these pollutants/toxins to associated species. This assessment/prediction can help control the release or deplete the harmful agents to the environment and maintain the biological diversity. 

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